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Universal Handling Equipment has designed a Vertical Compactor for those who need compaction capability but have a space restriction. The VP300 can be placed on as little an area as a 6' x 8' pad. Ceiling clearance required is 8'.
  • Compacts wet waste without any mess or leakage
  • Excellent for space restricted areas
  • Safety interlock on door
  • Container full light
  • Available in stand alone or chute operations
  • Available in 4yd to 8yd size
  • Easy to operate with automatic cycle
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Easy installation: Lags down to concrete or pavement
  • Driver remove light
  • 3/4 full light
  • Ram position indicator
  • Odour control system
  • Front, side or rear entry
  • Front, side or rear entry
  • Front, side or rear chute
Box Capacity4 - 8 cy yds  
Comp. Charging Opening27" x 55"  
MFRS Rating1.0 cu yd  
Weight5,150 lbs  
Force Rating29450  
System Pressure1500  
Motor Rating3 H.P.