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Engineered to provide maximum lifting capacity, the Universal Handling Lugger System provides the optimum design for the collection and transportation of bulk materials. Its product features include:
  • 10' rigid design arms for maximum capacity
  • Hydraulically operated and controlled by in-cab levers
  • Double-acting cylinders with screw type gland nut
  • Heavy duty constructed frame design
  • Rigid jacklegs steady the unit when lifting containers
  • Easy access to all hydraulic components
  • Hydraulic dump pins designed to withstand stresses
  • Chasis Mounted Tarp Box
  • Pintle Hook
  • Head Ache Rack
  • Dump Hook
  • Tarp Systems
Gross Lifting Capacity 40,000 lbs50,000 lbs
Cycle time - down 47 secs47 secs
Cycle time - up 42 secs42 secs
Body Specifications