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Tailored to meet customer demand, the Universal FEL has set a new standard for front end loaders with its creative design. Its product features include:
  • Single piece body wall design with no vertical seams
  • Arm & fork over height driver notification system
  • High clearance arms for more cab clearance
  • ISO 16/13 hydraulic oil cleanliness system design
  • Huck bolted chassis mounted components
  • Innovative ram design to maximize volume and strength
  • 4” wide ram guides with chromium carbide surfaces
  • Removable lightweight side skirts
  • Premium coded wiring with junction boxes eliminated
  • Simplified hydraulic routing for enhanced servicibility
  • Side Sign Brackets
  • Enviroseal - patented pneumatic tailgate seal
  • Extended Forks - 10" longer than standard
  • Greasing Points – 6 ground level points
  • Tailgate Seal – full height
  • Fire Extinguisher & Bracket (10LB/20LB)
  • Tool Box – Aluminum, Plastic or Steel
  • Emergency Warning Flares - Triangular
  • Wash Out Tank
Body Specifications
Body Capacity38 cu yd40 cu yd42 cu yd
Empty Body Weight17500 lbs17700 lbs17900 lbs
Tailgate3 cu yd5 cu yd5 cu yd
Overall Length - forks perpendicular to the ground385 "399 "412 "
Overall Length - forks parallel to the ground436 "450 "462 "
Overall Height above frame - arms raised118 "118 "118 "
Overall Width102 "102 "102 "
Inside Hopper Width89 "89 "89 "
Hopper Length80 "80 "80 "
Hydraulic Reservoir (Steel)53 gal53 gal53 gal
Chasis Wheel Base Requirement (regions may vary)190-200 "190-210 "181-230 "